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Thunderstar is a short, thick and sleek-furred bright, fiery ginger -and-white tom with fur the color of autumn leaves, a torn ear tip, clear amber eyes, and white paws. Contents[show] Trivia He is the only one of the first leaders who was not born with a two part name, or did not change his. Thunder and Shadow is the second book in the A Vision of Shadows arc. The Blurb It's been nearly a moon since Alderpaw returned from his quest, unsuccessful but not empty-pawed. The two kits he found, Twigkit and Violetkit, have been taken in by two Clans: ThunderClan and ShadowClan. There is.

Despite these feelings, Thornclaw is always portrayed as a kind, caring, and patient cat and has never been shown to be disloyal. When Hollyleaf returns in The Forgotten Warrior he is among the cats who distrust her. Thornclaw's mother is Frostfur, and his siblings are Brightheart, Brackenfur and Cinderpelt. ThunderClan was located in what Twolegs call the white hart woods. It also includes neighboring woods, Chelford Forest, and to the north, Windover. ThunderClan is one of the Warrior Cat Clans along with ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan. The clan was founded by Thunderstar. They.

warrior cats Thunderclan warrior cats! Ram-dome LOL Warriors, Survivors, Bravelands and Seekers Studio! JUST A STUDIO FOR YOU TO ADD TO!!!!! Warriors RP Warriors Add your best games ever made Warrior cats rule Warrior cats Warrior Cats riverclan WARRIOR FANS ONLY!!! PLEASE JOIN! Warrior Cats By: Cloudtail136 Awesome Studio warrior cats. In The Forgotten Warrior, she blames Jayfeather for Flametail's death. In Thunder and Shadow, the second book of A Vision of Shadows, Dawnpelt is one of the many ShadowClan cats who choose to desert Rowanstar and join Darktail's rogues. Main article, Detailed history, Family relations, Personality& Relationships, Trivia v • d • e. This is just a random Warrior Cats quiz to test your knowledge:P WARNING: This quiz may contain spoilers for anyone that hasn't read any Warriors books yet. Take this test at your own risk! All credits go to the owners of the pictures in this test. I don't own Warriors. Bramblestar called the Clan into the clearing the day after the battle. "ThunderClan, I have decided we need a little break. So, today is Mating Day. Pick one, two or twenty cats you want to mate with and do it. Any gender, any age. Mates do not matter today. Have fun." He.

Welcome to Warriors Wiki! We are a wiki based on Erin Hunter's Warriors book series that anyone can edit, and have 4,807 articles since opening on 21 June 2006. Our goal is to create a quality database for the series in its' entirety. The spirit-cats proclaimed that all four Clans would meet at the full moon once a month at the four great oak trees for a night of truce. Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow were pronounced warriors by the spirit-cats. “From now on, you will live by a warrior code.

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